Use of GORISCON's copyrighted content

GORISCON's products and services - including images, text and software downloads ("Content") - belong either to GORISCON GmbH or to third parties who have granted GORISCON permission to use the respective Content. GORISCON cannot grant you permission for Content that belongs to third parties. You may not copy, modify, distribute, display, license or sell any Content unless you are expressly permitted to do so in the End User License Agreement (EULA) or in the license terms accompanying the Content or provided for in the policies below. For further information, please contact a lawyer specialising in copyright law.

Conditions for Permitted Use

You must meet the following four requirements for permission to be granted for a permitted use under these guidelines:

Use of product names

If your use includes a reference to the GORISCON product, you must include the full name of the product.

Permission by GORISCON

You must include the following notice: "Use with permission of GORISCON."

No offensive use

Your use must not be obscene or pornographic, and you must not disparage, defame or slander GORISCON or any of its products or any other person or company.

Gender-neutral designation

On our website, the masculine form is used as a gender-neutral designation for reasons of simplification. In principle, all genders are addressed.


You may link to GORISCON content either by using an unformatted text link with words such as "Hier geht's zu" or by participating in the respective link logo programme. Other images may not be used as a link to a GORISCON page.