New Design

We have gained important insights from the first experiences and analyses and have taken these into account. With the new release, we have not only optimised the look & feel, but also the clarity and usability.

E-mail Notifications

It is now possible to configure in the settings whether newly created users automatically receive a welcome e-mail. This message contains the link to assign a personal password.

Optimisation of Multi-Client Capability

In order to train the Security Awareness within a group or corporation and to evaluate it comparably, there is now the option to configure several clients independently of each other. By specifically assigning learning content to each client, their individual requirements can be mapped.

Further Innovations:

More information in the function for checking hacked mail addresses, Automatic exit from full screen mode after a learning content has been completed, Alphabetical sorting of learning content, When exiting a list, it now jumps directly back to the original page , Import option for images in phishing templates, New learning content is now only provided to the user when it is rolled out.



Tables in the reports can be sorted and filtered flexibly.


Some missing translations have been added/corrected.