Individual rights assignment

Previously, there were four fixed authorization groups. In the future, you will not only be able to customize these, but also design authorization groups with flexible rights according to your requirements.

Full text search

A role-based full-text search is available throughout the application. Depending on the authorization, you can thus quickly and easily search for learning content, users or phishing campaigns.

Automatic translation of designations

Whether you want to upload a new learning content or also edit an existing one, you can have the assigned title translated at the click of a button.


"Select all" option

Reminder messages for learning content can now be sent for all users or specifically for individual users only.

Archiving users

Targeted rollout of learning content to individual departments.


Active companies are now saved and automatically reconnected at the next login.

When deleting objects, still existing connections are displayed.

Optimization of the quiz system and processing.