Extended risk analysis

In the workflow configuration, it is now possible to set the protection requirement class from which the extended risk analysis is to be performed. With this configuration, the default probability of occurrence is adopted for all assets below this protection requirement. From the protection requirement class set, the probability of occurrence can be evaluated individually. This enormously reduces the effort for you in the lower protection classes.

New language option: Chinese

As of now, the entire system is also available in Chinese. All content can now be entered in Chinese as well as German and English.

Relocation of the key figure management

The key figures are now no longer managed in the administration, but in the reporting area. Thus, not only administrators have access to them, but all management roles (e.g., ISB, DPO).

New user role: User-Admin

A new role has been created that is exclusively for the administration of users. All previous administrators receive this role automatically, so nothing changes for you.


Address for system e-mails

It could happen in isolated cases that the salutation in the e-mails was not displayed correctly. The cases were identified and corrected.

Delegating tasks

When delegating QA of tasks, sometimes not all possible team members were offered. These are now available again.