Multiple Uses of Assets

In a Multi-Client solution, it is now possible to assign the use of an asset to other clients. Responsibility remains with one client or one person responsible for the results. In the case of linked clients, the assets can be used in the structural analysis and are available for inspection by the information security and data protection officer. Optionally, a responsible person can be named for each linked client, who may also view the asset, but not edit it. If the entire responsibility for the asset lies with another client, from this version onwards you can easily duplicate the asset with a click and assign it to the corresponding company.

Risk Simulation

For previously processed risks, it is now possible to simulate the further course of the risk. For this purpose, the linked measures are defined as to how they affect the risk. Subsequently, these are put into an order of implementation. If necessary, further events can be added manually that may have an effect on the risk. Finally, all data is visualised in a graphic.

User Login Information Visible

The Timestamp of the last login is now displayed in the User Administration on the Details page of the user. If no login has taken place so far, it is possible to trigger the welcome mail again.

Telephone Number as Optional Information

It is no longer compulsory to enter a telephone number for the user, this information will be optional in future. In future, the user's telephone number will be an optional entry and no longer a mandatory field.


Recurring Tasks of Archived Documents

Documents that have already been archived are no longer issued as a task for re-release when the validity date has expired.