Extended Property of Documents

All documents can now be freely assigned a property ("theme"). You can define and manage the thematic properties yourself. Among other things, you can use this new property to sort and group your documents and filter them as you wish. You can also quickly and easily get an overview of relevant documents on a " theme" as part of a document check. Properties could be, for example, " Information Security", "Data Protection", Quality Management" or "TISAX".

Security Incident Manager Team

As in the Management Areas, a team can now be assembled by the Security Incident Manager in the area of security incidents. These team members act as Security Incident Coordinators.

Task Creation for ToDo's

For the To Do's for a measure, we have created the possibility of assigning a person responsible for processing to each To Do. The user concerned receives a task and is informed by e-mail.

Extension of the Process Map

The Process Map (in the Assets > Processes area) has been expanded. You can now view all relevant information for the existing business processes directly at this location. If the user has the appropriate rights, then they can navigate directly to the asset.

Enhancement of Key Figures

For user-defined Key Figures, annotations can now be stored for the individual data points, which are displayed in the respective graph.


Cross-team delegation

Previously, it was only possible to delegate the QA instance (within a task) to the Information Security Officer team. This was corrected so that it is now possible to delegate again within the team that started the task.

Creation of Audit Catalogue

If a chapter is deleted when creating an audit catalogue, this is no longer displayed when the audit is performed.

Display of Key Figures

The display of key figures on the dashboard has been optimised and the English translations have been revised.